KOSHKIL SYSTEMS is a young but well stablished Company, mainly focused in providing service and support to the wind energy market. We count with experienced team of professionals with long years looking after the wind energy industry. Currently KOSHKIL is giving technical support to some of the main wind OEMs players globally.

Based on the experience and know-how treasured by Koshkil employees, we are able to provide a full service pack, customer orientated, where professionality, compromise, and flexibility are our presentation card.

The services we provide, among others, are: technical training for maintenance technicians, technical consultancy/ support for windmill technicians & operators, commissioning and maintenance of windmills, wind turbine parts  repair, in-house development of diagnosis and repair equipment used to repair parts (I+D+I).

Products | Services

  • Specialized corrective maintenance on different technologies/ manufacturers turbines.
  • Windmill commissioning globally.
  • Technical support, data collection for diagnosis, customized monitoring equipment Installation, audits, maintenance technicians training.
  • Repair of electric/electronic damaged parts, using tools developed by our own engineering department.

Beside our field technicians, we have an engineering department able to:

  • Provide remote technical assistance.
  • Customize existing commercial solutions (adaptation to customer needs).
  • Develop hardware and software solutions to help our customers to deal with their day to day challenges.
  • Data analysis orientated to improve equipment, processes, and predictive maintenance.


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