An international Spanish company dedicated to the design, promotion, construction and maintenance of electricity production plants using renewable energy sources.

Products | Services

Solar Energy – Design and development of photovoltaic energy projects. Photovoltaic parks, rooftop installations, solar pumping…

Wind Energy – Complete project management of wind and mini wind energy installations. We have extensive experience. We manage the whole process.

Biogas – Projects for the energy recovery of organic waste from livestock, agriculture and the agri-food industry.

Energy services – Services aimed at the search for energy efficiency at all levels. Efficient use of energy.

O&M – We operate clean energy production plants through resource optimisation and cost reduction.

Composting – Development of controlled biological, aerobic and thermophilic organic waste decomposition systems.

We offer integrated and structured services for all products and systems, specifically designed to provide solid support during all phases of a project’s life: from start-up to operation and maintenance.


+75 members covering the entire renewable value chain