Today, 25 ENERCLUSTER members that belong to the suppliers group of the Navarra renewable industry have met in the Industrial Barranquesa new facilities.

During the meeting, and after a welcome speech by the CEO of Barranquesa, Luis María Alvarez, Javier Villanueva reported on the main agreements adopted by the ENERCLUSTER board (of general interest and not subject to a confidentiality commitment) on September 14.

Among others, the group has discussed about the elaboration of the Enercluster Strategic Plan 2021-2024 (with the support of the Minsait consultancy) and the Enercluster 2021-2022 Communication plan that is currently being elaborated with BrandOK, a communication consultancy.

In addition, specific topics of special relevance for the supplier segment have been addressed, such as the 2022 event plan and the Navarra Climate Change and Energy Transition Law on which Enercluster has recently prepared comments that were presented last week in the Parliament of Navarra by Kintxo Ancín and Javier Villanueva.

EOSOL (Julian Vicente Irujo and Aitor Erquicia) and Industrial Barranquesa (Pablo De La Fuente and Manuel Turiel) have presented their companies as part of the supply chain presentations.

The agenda has ended with a debate on how to promote the development of collaborative projects or activities, at the conclusion of which some actions have been agreed to be implemented in the coming weeks.

Finally, the panel has had the opportunity to visit the Industrial Barranquesa new facilities in which Manuel Turiel (Industrial Director) and Pablo de La Fuente (Commercial Director) explained the production process of the anchor cages that connect the foundation and the first section of the wind turbine towers.

The next meeting is due to be held on 13 December at the NAITEC facilities.


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