Grupo Saavedra

Saavedra group started as a family-run transportation business and was constituted as a company in the year 2001. It has an experience of more than 50 years in the special transportation sector.

Since the year in which Saavedra was founded until now we have undergone great changes, transforming the way we work and adapting our fleet of vehicles at all times to meet the needs of our customers.

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Grupo Saavedra specializes in the Transportation of exceptional large tonnage goods and dimensions such as wind turbines, bridge cranes, civil engineering machinery, boilermaking, etc. Our fleet is made up of a wide range of equipment (with an average age of less than four years) whose configurations allow us to adapt to any type of load. GPS locatorsinstalled in our equipment allows us to know in real time the location of any vehicle if needed.

Saavedra Group has a diverse fleet and a team of professionals duly trained and certified to transport both nationally and internationally. Through the General Cargo Department, Grupo Saavedra, operates regularly, nationally and internationally, in the following sectors: Metal-mechanic industry; Industrial machines; Automotive components; Paper Industry and its Derivatives; Civil Construction and Public Works; Steel Products; Containers; Prefabricated concrete, etc.

Transportation projects are currently being carried out outside our borders (United Kingdom, Portugal, Morocco, France, Denmark, etc.). Grupo Saavedra has qualified personnel, for the execution of these projects, who travels to these places to carry out their supervision. This way, Grupo Saavedra assures all its customers the provision of a quality service anywhere in the world.

Consolidated as a group of leading companies in the provision of freight, its mission is: “to offer an excellent service that exceeds the expectations of our customers, providing technical solutions that guarantee the highest level of quality and safety”.


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