Nabrawind strengthens its growth plan with support from Fortescue Future Industries

Nabrawind’s product portfolio consolidates its position as a key lever in the wind energy market and the green transition

Nabrawind has announced that it has secured financial support from Fortescue Future Industries (FFI), a global renewable energy company focused on the green transition.

FFI is developing a strong global portfolio of renewable energy and green hydrogen projects and the financing agreement, which could be convertible into a minority stake, aims to expand Nabrawind’s production capacity to meet the growing demand for renewable projects in the coming years, including FFI’s own demand.

FFI CEO Mark Hutchinson said he was pleased to support the growth of Nabrawind, which he sees “as a key partner in the development of renewable energy and the green transition. Reducing the cost of renewable energy production is a key driver for the uptake of green hydrogen.

Hutchinson notes that “the innovative products developed by Nabrawind’s talented team are one of the real alternatives to achieve this, both for FFI and the rest of the market. We see great opportunities for collaboration between the two companies to help each other succeed in the future”.

Nabrawind markets five innovative, high value-added products for wind energy: the modular blade, Nabrajoint; the self-erecting tower, Nabralift; the elevated foundation, Nabrabase; the crane-free blade installation system, Bladerunner; and a new system for installing the entire wind turbine at 15 m/s, Skylift.

Nabrawind has already passed the R&D and prototyping phase for its entire product portfolio. The positive market entry of these products implies a significant growth in turnover and the need for new investments to meet the growing demand.

Therefore, Nabrawind’s CEO, Eneko Sanz, highlights that “after the technical, production capacity and market entry challenges, our next steps are the consolidation of the market and the financial capacity to face the expected growth. Our partnership with FFI strengthens us in both strategic lines, with very similar cultural values and vision on the ecological transition”.

In this sense, Nabrawind’s strategic plan includes both organic growth in all areas of the company and inorganic growth through key alliances or joint ventures with other stakeholders around the world, from IPPs, OEMs to relevant suppliers or industrial partners.

This is the path that Nabrawind has already taken in its previous stages, from which Navassy, a joint venture formed with partners Comansa and Tetrace, was born. Navassy was set up a couple of years ago for the installation of the Nabralift self-supporting tower that Nabrawind markets worldwide. In this sense, Navassy recently validated the self-supporting system during the installation of the highest wind turbine in Africa, with wind gusts up to 15 m/s, in a new wind farm developed by Innovent, “sponsor customer” of Nabralift.

In this important transaction, Nabrawind was advised by ARPA Lawyers Consultants and KPMG.

About Nabrawind Technologies
Nabrawind Technologies S.L. is a Spanish company founded in 2015 for the design and development of advanced wind technologies. The current shareholders are the founders and financial investors Barinaga y Alberdi, Sodena, Innoenergy and Basarro.

Nabrawind has developed five innovative products: Nabrajoint, Nabrabase, Nabralift, BladeRunner and Skylift.

Nabrajoint consists of a modular blade joint that is compatible with any blade and can be assembled at the foot of the wind turbine in a short period of time.
Nabrabase is a foundation solution for complex soils (very hard or very soft) and markets with concrete shortages or high labour costs. The tripod structure allows massive gravity foundations to be split into deep foundations with concrete reductions of up to 80%.

Nabralift is a self-supporting tower that can reach 200 metres in height without the need for large cranes, providing minimal LCOE and breaking down logistical and installation barriers.

BladeRunner is a new crane-free blade installation and de-installation system that reduces the cost of blade replacement by up to 70% compared with conventional maintenance operations.

Finally, Skylift is a new product that allows the entire wind turbine to be installed in 15 m/s winds. This makes it a clear enabler for new multi-gigawatt wind farms planned for green hydrogen production at sites with high average wind speeds.

About Fortescue Future Industries

Fortescue Future Industries (FFI) is a global green energy company committed to producing green, zero-carbon hydrogen from 100% renewable sources.

FFI is leading the green industrial revolution, developing technology solutions for hard-to-decarbonise industries while building a global portfolio of renewable energy, green hydrogen and green ammonia projects.

FFI is also leading the global effort to help decarbonise traditionally hard-to-achieve sectors and is developing and procuring the technology and energy supply to help decarbonise the iron ore operations of one of the world’s largest iron ore producers by 2030, FFI’s parent company, Fortescue Metals Group.


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