Fortescue announces further investment in Nabrawind

Fortescue today announced a new equity investment in Nabrawind. This investment is the result of a collaboration that began in 2023 between Fortescue, an Australian-based mining and green energy company, and Nabrawind, a Navarre-based company dedicated to the design, development, manufacture and commercialization of advanced wind technologies for wind turbine components.

The collaboration between the two companies is focused on solving today’s most difficult challenges in onshore wind energy, such as decreasing logistics costs, limited or non-availability of large cranes, and project delays. This new investment supports Nabrawind’s growth and accelerates Fortescue’s decarbonization mission.

In the words of Fortescue Energy CEO Mark Hutchinson: “Fortescue is pleased to continue to invest in a company that is leading the way in wind turbine technology. Nabrawind is a critical partner in our drive to increase the adoption of renewable energy and decarbonize energy use at our iron ore mining operations in Western Australia.”

“Fortescue’s investment will enable Nabrawind to scale up its cutting-edge innovations towards large-scale commercialization, with Fortescue as a major customer.” Eneko Sanz, CEO of Nabrawind, relates: “We are doubly satisfied: on the one hand, our partners ensure profitability, as this is a transaction that also involves a partial divestment; on the other hand, we welcome a dream partner that shares our same vision towards the green transition. This partnership provides a great portfolio for Nabrawind, solid financial strength to support future growth and consolidates our existing team of 41 highly skilled professionals, which is performing incredibly well.”

The first year of collaboration between the two companies accelerated the inclusion of Nabrawind’s products with leading wind turbine manufacturers, paving the way for further investment. Nabrawind’s technology is a step toward reducing barriers to green power generation, as well as manufacturing low-cost green hydrogen, which is a central pillar in Fortescue’s decarbonization roadmap.

Nabrawind has been advised by Arpa Abogados y Consultores during the negotiation process.


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