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Throughout our proven track record of more than half a century, Industrial Barranquesa, S.A. has always stood out for offering successful and efficient solutions to the needs of the metal industry.

We specialise in the manufacture of flanges and rings, as well as other related or customised products. Our extensive capabilities enable us to meet the specific requirements of various sectors, such as large pipelines and the ancillary construction industry, among others.

In any case during the last thirty years we have positioned ourselves as a leading company in supporting the WIND ENERGY Industry.

We have a wide range of experience in manufacturing especially flanges and anchor cages for wind towers. Our flanges and anchor cages can be found on wind farms worldwide.

Customer’s feedback is outstanding, thanks to factors such as the cutting-edge technology used, the stringent quality standards we meet and the ongoing audits by renowned metallurgical industry experts.

We have all the technical and human resources necessary to guarantee the best quality at all stages of the manufacturing process. Our multidisciplinary team of highly qualified professionals works in two modern facilities. The headquarters are located in Lacunza (Navarra) with more than 11,000 m2, focused on the production, machining and integral control of Tower Flanges, and another factory in Esquiroz (Navarra) with more than 6.000 m2 focused on the production, machining and pre-assembling the Anchor Cages for Tower Foundations.

Our unbeatable capacity to respond to our customers, always guaranteeing maximum quality, competitive prices and meeting deadlines – has earned us the trust of a large group of leading brands, for which we have developed several key, highly demanding industrial projects all over the world. We are, above all, a expanding company with a strong vision for the future and an international outlook.

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Tower flanges, foundation flanges, anchor cages, yaw brake discs and rotor rings.


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