Enercluster promotes the visibility and the internationalization actions through which to project our capabilities abroad. A clear example is the celebration of the CITE, the International Energy Transition Congress in Pamplona: a landmark event that is  annually held and where speakers and companies of the highest level participate. Enercluster also participates in sector fairs together with associates who want to join in joint stands and in webinars and / or international missions to other countries to explore new business opportunities.


Enercluster encourages collaborative actions between partners. The supplier tables where partners meet and share experiences and information is a good example of this type of action that is aimed at creating spaces for collaboration between partners.


Enercluster promotes R + D actions and programs. It is our goal to enforce the representation of our associates in all elements of the sector’s value chain, from basic research and technology development to the promotion of renewable projects through the design and manufacture of wind and solar electricity generation equipment without forgetting the storage and comprehensive management including services.


Enercluster is the voice of the ecological transition in Navarra and represents the renewable industry giving it a voice in the different forums, especially as an interlocutor with the Navarra administration. In addition, Enercluster is a member of both national and European sectoral organizations where it represents the interests of the Navarra industry.



ENERCLUSTER promotes the growth, the iinovation and cooperation of its associates through differente lines of activities.


ENECLUSTER has defined 4 major strategic objectives which are subdivided into a total of 8 lines of action and 3 work commissions.