UL is an independent and trusted advisory, testing, inspection and certification body for a wide range of industries. Our comprehensive portfolio of renewable energy solutions helps stakeholders plan, design, finance, build, invest in, operate, maintain and manage onshore and offshore wind and solar energy throughout the project lifecycle and across the value chain. Working with UL means you have access to proven science, expert engineering and innovative solutions that address the unique challenges of these industries. With offices in more than 140 countries, a team of more than 500 experts and 35 years of experience, we are well positioned to help mitigate risk and navigate the complexities associated with renewable energy to drive successful outcomes.

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UL assists renewable energy customers with:

Project development support: Site assessment and feasibility, turnkey measurement services (met mast and remote sensing), resource assessment, plant design and energy assessment, technology selection and suitability, infrastructure and balance of plant support and permitting, and environmental assessment.
Software and data: Windographer, Openwind, Windnavigator, Wind Data Management, Resource Maps, time series datasets and site-specific reports.
Asset management: operational energy assessments, performance analysis, plant performance, optimisation, remote sensing/Lidar for turbine diagnostics, turbine inspections, root cause analysis, life extension/remaining life, load simulations and component evaluation.
Grid solutions: understanding the variability of renewables and the impact of weather conditions on events: real-time renewable forecasting, grid and atmospheric planning and management services, modelling and applied research.
Energy storage solutions: testing and certification, performance testing and customised research.
Due diligence: independent engineering and technical consulting, pre-construction, operations and repowering projects, customised investor assistance, mergers and acquisitions, tax equity, turbine technology, civil and electrical design review, contract review, environmental, permitting review, financial modelling, review, construction and owner’s engineer monitoring.
Certification: turbine and component certification, project certification, grid code compliance, and construction and foundation evaluation.
Testing and inspection: validation and type testing of mechanical loads, power performance testing, electrical characteristics and low voltage ride through testing.
Cybersecurity: customised training, security testing, penetration testing, code review, risk analysis and gap analysis.
Research and advanced studies: Research in electrical safety, renewable, resource characterisation, plant design, energy estimation and real-time forecasting; customised research and market studies.

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