TETRACE is a consultancy and engineering company established in 2005 in Navarra, Spain. It specialises in the transport and energy sectors, where we are a national and international benchmark. Since our beginnings, we have a clearly international profile, and currently 70% of our projects are abroad. The main activity is to provide specialised technical support: quality inspection, H&S, inspectors, assembly supervision, surveyors.

Products | Services

  • Quality inspector for ports, factories, suppliers and wind farms.
  • O&M, endoscopies, spare parts, preventive and corrective.
  • Assembly supervision and H&S inspector for wind farms.
  • Logistics services.
  • Civil works designs.
  • Road survey of road and cargo / management of surveys in port.
  • Micrositting.
  • Non-destructible testing in factory and wind farm.
  • ciro@tetrace.com
  • +34 948 040 093
  • Av. Pamplona, 35. 31010 Pamplona (Navarra) – España
  • +13 years of experience
  • 64 employees
  • Spain, Philippines, Chile, Mexico & Egypt