SR7 is a registered trademark of the company Multi-Informática Principado, founded in Spain in 1993. Since its inception, the company has been committed to designing and manufacturing quality products, offering the best solutions to obtain optimum results in terms of satisfaction.

Over the years, the company’s trajectory has evolved with new advances in the market, allowing us to be leaders in different commercial and geographical areas. Our team of engineers and professionals are not only limited to working with the latest technologies and equipment, they also set the guidelines to follow in their technological sector, innovation is their goal.

We design, develop, manufacture and implement Surveillance and Security Systems for small, medium and large Civil or Military installations, with solutions for different sectors of Industry, Environment, Defence, Public and Private Administrations, Ports, Airports, Photovoltaic Plants and other different areas.

We install our products in all continents, we adapt to the customer’s needs and we offer the right answers and results to their demands, creating new installations or even integrating the new systems with their current logistics.

We are specialised in working with thermal cameras, as well as thermal and conventional image processing, radars, fence and ground sensors, communications, and we have our own Security Platform that allows us to integrate new systems and standard products from the market.

Products | Services

  • Early detection systems for forest fires in large forest areas, with fire prevention, detection and management capabilities (Hardaware and Software).
  • Unattended indoor and outdoor fire detection systems for all types of industries (Hardware and Software).
  • Automatic intrusion detection systems for military infrastructures (military bases, borders, checkpoints . . .) and critical infrastructures (photovoltaic and wind power plants, ports, airports, nuclear plants . . . .) (Hardware and Software).
  • Positioners (pan & tilt), optronic multisensor systems (composed of SR7 positioners, integrating thermal cameras, CCTV, laser rangefinders or other components), design, development and integration of vehicular units for emergency services and security forces, personal and vehicular location and localisation systems.
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  • C/ Los Sotos, 35; Polígono de Riaño II; 33920 Langreo; Asturias; España
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