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At NTV Solutions we offer support solutions for industrial activities. We are a multidisciplinary team of professionals capable of bringing a transversal vision to our projects and services. Our multi-sectorial experience allows us to offer disruptive solutions aligned with cost optimization and process simplification. We firmly believe in creating synergies with our clients and suppliers based on mutual trust. Our logistics background has allowed us to know, understand and meet the needs of the different sectors in which we work; focusing in recent years on the renewable energy sector.

From design and engineering to photovoltaic park assembly, we integrate any type of Power Station or BESS solution. Whether in a metallic skid or in a maritime container. We are regular integrators of power transformation stations, both for special projects of a single unit and for projects that require mass production. We have also developed the capacity to industrialize electrical panels and electronic assemblies in a competitive way, starting from an initial engineering or prototype.

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