LAULAGUN BEARINGS is a company with technological content and innovation, dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of large pitch and yaw bearings. It has two plants and a Test Centre in the Basque Country and a production centre in India.

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Large bearings of: 1 row of rollers, 1 row of balls, 2 rows of balls, 3 rows of rollers.

  • (+34) 943 80 50 77
  • Harizti Industrialdea 201, 20212 Olaberria, Gipuzkoa
  • 1973
  • +290 employees
  • Laulagun Olaberria (Head office and production)
    Laulagun Idiazabal (Test centre and Production)
    Laulagun Chennai (India) (India Headquarters and Production)