The INGETEAM GROUP specialises in power and control electronics, generators and motors (marketed under the Indar brand) and electrical engineering and automation projects. In the wind sector, Ingeteam offers solutions for wind turbines up to 15 MW, including power converters, generators, turbine controllers, status control systems (CMS), Smart SCADA management systems and O&M services. The company is the world’s number one supplier of stand-alone converters for wind applications. Ingeteam currently employs 3,900 professionals and its global presence includes production plants in Europe, Asia, North and South America, and sales and service centres strategically located around the world. Ingeteam is characterised by its commitment to R&D and the development of proprietary technology to meet the needs of its customers.

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Low and medium voltage power converters, optimised for DFIG and FC topologies.
Control and monitoring solutions for the complete wind turbine.
O&M services.
Continuous support throughout the product life cycle, from research and design to production and testing, commissioning and after-sales services, technical training and support.

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Since 1995, Ingeteam has ordered more than 28,000 wind power converters, representing more than 45 GW of installed wind power capacity worldwide and a market share of 8%. The company is the world’s number one independent supplier of wind power converters. Ingeteam can meet your project needs through flexibility in designs and R&D solutions, different business models operations or additional value-added services.

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  • Avda. Ciudad de la Innovación, 13. 31621 Sarriguren (Navarra) – España
  • 24 years of experience
  • 3.900 employees
  • 22 countries