IED Greenpower lighting solutions are the combination of our experience with LED technology, electronics, optical technology and battery technology. The result is an optimised and cost-effective solution. LV luminaires highlight the importance of low maintenance to contribute positively to the LCOE, exceeding the lifetime of the wind turbine. LV does not require corrective and preventive maintenance. The battery management system (BMS) developed by IED Greenpower and incorporated in the LV brands makes predictive maintenance of the lighting in the wind turbine possible. Turning on the wind turbine in operation and emergency mode is essential to ensure safe working conditions. The improved performance of the LV luminaires makes it possible to provide adequate and illuminated working conditions in any mode.

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  • LVD 1K80.
  • LVD 2K70.
  • LVK 80.
  • LVF 80.

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Green product: 30% greener than other solutions.

Efficiency: 50,000h working life.

Universal AC input: 120-277 vac full range.

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