We are a company dedicated to carrying out geological and geotechnical studies of the land for building and public works.

We are a quality control laboratory of reference in Navarre, with two laboratories of our own in our facilities in Estella and Pamplona. We test all the materials that form part of the work, soils, gravels, gravel pits, soils in general and asphalts, concretes and other materials.

We are specialists in complex foundations, in which the settlement of the ground and its characteristics are key to the development of the projects proposed. For this reason, we work for important companies such as AIRBUS (photo attached), ACCIONA INFRAESTRUCTURAS, ACCIONA ENERGÍA, FCC, GEO- ALCALI, GRUPO CLAVIJO, MAGNESITAS NAVARRAS, M TORRES, MERCADONA, VOLKSWAGEN, APPLUS, OBRAS Y SERVICIOS TEX, EXCAVACIONES FERMÍN OSÉS, OBENASA, ETC…

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We offer geological services related to land for construction companies, developers, administrations and individuals.

Specifically, we carry out:

Geotechnical studies for building
Geotechnical studies for public works
Slope stability studies
Electrical tomography
Hydrogeological studies
Shallow boreholes.
Boreholes, piezometers and inclinometers.
Quality control of public works and building works, accredited by the Government of Navarre.
Geological engineering – Mining research – Environment
Studies of pole driving and start-up for the construction of Solar Parks, with calculations of definitive pole driving.
Studies of building pathologies, houses, warehouses, urbanisations, roads, etc.

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We have technical offices in Estella, Pamplona and Logroño, from where we accompany our clients anywhere in the world. We work both nationally and internationally. So far we have worked in Spain, France, Germany, Italy, USA, Mexico, Ecuador, China and India.

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  • P. I. Cañada Real de Imas, 12. 31240 Ayegui, Navarra