Eo6 was created as a company that provides advanced engineering services in the renewable energy sector. These services are easily extrapolated to other industrial sectors such as aeronautics, construction or civil engineering.

The Eo6 team is made up of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in different engineering sectors, especially in the renewable energy sector. The experience and good technical background of each member of the team provides a global vision of the client’s needs. Eo6 Engineering is developed by and for the client, with a great flexibility of solutions to suit their needs. Eo6 understands that interaction with the client is a key factor in meeting all their expectations.

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Eo6 Ingeniería offers a wide range of engineering services, including:

-Product development.
-Consultancy and Auditing.
-Structural, Mechanical and Simulation Design.
-Component Certification.
-Monitoring and Software Development.
-Turnkey projects.



Eo6 provides advanced engineering services in:

-Renewable energies.
-Machine tools.
-Special machinery.
-Civil engineering and construction.
-Singular projects.

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  • +34 948 120 095
  • Eo6 Ingeniería C/Larrazko 91, Oficina 212 31013 Ansoain (Navarra) Spain
  • +20 years of experience
  • 20-25