Enerfin is a wholly owned subsidiary of Elecnor, which is one of the main global companies focused in the development and operation of infrastructure projects, renewable energies and new technologies, with a presence in more than 50 countries and a team of more than 13.000 professionals. Enerfin, works in the development and operation of wind energy projects worldwide, and has offices in Madrid (headquarters), Porto Alegre (Brazil), Montreal (Canada), Mexico City (Mexico), Melbourne (Australia) and Bogota (Colombia). Enerfin participates in 1.132MW of wind energy projects in operation/construction in Spain, Brazil, Canada and Australia. Among them 920 MW are in operation and 212MW in construction, with a production of more than 2.300GWh/year. In addition to this, Enerfin is developing a project portfolio that exceeds 2.000 MW in these and other countries.

In particular, Enerfin has in Navarra (Spain) 60MW in operation corresponding to the Montes de Cierzowind farms, in operation since 2000, as well as new projects in development.

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The main areas of activity of the company are:

  • Technical studies: wind resource, energy yield, selection of the technologies, site assessments, environmental impact studies and enviromental monitoring of the wind farms.
  • Economical and financialstudies.
  • Administrative procedures of the projects, licenses and authorizations.
  • Constructive projects and detailed engineering.
  • ‘Turn key’ construction supervision.

Assett Management from the operational, technical, administrative, accountanting, legal and financialpoints of view.

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Enerfin designs singular projects wich are specially designed for the location they are implemented, with a special compromise with the environment and integration of the historical, cultural and artistics values of the area.

  • enerfin@elecnor.com
  • +34 626 395 321
  • Paseo de la Castellana, 141, Edificio Cuzco IV, Planta 16ª. 28046 (Madrid) – España
  • 12 years of experience
  • 93 employees
  • Spain, Brazil, Canadá, México, Colombia & Australia.