Since its foundation in 1987 BOBINADOS OSÉS, S. L. has developed several businesses, all of them related to industrial activity.

With its line of business, Osés Láser Marker has tackled industrial marking on all types of materials and objects. This technology makes it possible to obtain an indelible, unalterable and permanent quality.

These characteristics make it a great ally in PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION as its engraving remains in time.

Laser marking can be applied directly to materials such as plastics, stainless steel, natural aluminium, anodised aluminium, etc.

We also apply laser technology to the engraving of labels specially designed to be engraved by laser and which are resistant to chemical agents, ultraviolet radiation, high temperatures, humidity, etc. These labels are a good substitute for the well-known “nameplates”, providing another very interesting feature: they do not require mechanical elements for their attachment, as they are self-adhesive.

The flexibility of the marking equipment makes it possible to deal with unit series up to higher productions.

A team with 15 years of experience will be able to attend to any technical or economic enquiry.

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Outsourcing of Laser Marking Technology.

  • Mamen Balduz
  • +34 948 75 07 28
  • Apdo. Correos Nº 68
  • Founded in 1987
  • 10 employees