BeePlanet Factory

BeePlanet Factory was founded in 2018 to provide solutions to e-mobility challenges. Our value proposition is to give access to energy storage solutions at a competitive cost by using second life batteries. We research, develop and implement technological solutions to successfully return batteries from electric vehicles which have reached the end of their useful life to the marketplace. We recycle, reuse, remanufacture and resell (4R view of the circular economy) these batteries, putting them to different uses, depending on the analysis and result of the process. Furthermore, we are currently engaged in some regional, national and international R&D projects in order to broaden our scope and enhance the technology used in our products and services.

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We offer storage solutions for different areas:

  • Large-scale energy storage to optimize the grid: 1MWh 2nd life containerized solution.
  • Mid-scale energy storage for industrial systems. The aim is to decrease the energy bill by accumulating energy that comes from renewable sources: 30kWh-1MWh 2nd life storage solution.
  • Small-scale energy storage for self-consumption in public and private buildings: 4kWh-12kWh 2nd life storage solution
  • Alternative vehicles with lower performance specifications, such as forklifts, golf carts, bicycles, etc
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  • 3 years of experience
  • 15 employees
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