AIR RON is a family company, based in Caparroso. We specialise in carrying out major corrective work, i.e. highly complex repairs to wind turbines: Blade Changes, Rotor Changes, Generator Changes, Multiplier Changes, Blade and Nacelle Bearing Changes and Nacelle Changes.

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With the aim of covering the needs that exist in the sector and offering our customers a comprehensive service throughout the life of the wind farm, we have different business lines, all of which are staffed by highly qualified personnel.

  • The assembly line, specialising in the construction of wind farms.
  • The supervision line, which certifies that the wind farms are correctly installed and comply with current regulations.
  • The maintenance line, which includes routine maintenance and major corrective maintenance.
  • At this moment, our technicians are present all over the world and our will is to continue growing hand in hand with our customers, building relationships of trust and strategic alliances. Always with the aim of putting our know-how and skills at the service of the sector.
  • +34 637 63 55 16
  • Pol. Las Vales calle A, nave 10, 31380 Caparroso (Navarra)
  • 1964
  • 90 employees